For the Classroom

For the Classroom

From the Common Core Standards:

“Writing is a key means of asserting and defending claims…and conveying what they have experienced, imagined, thought, and felt.”

  • Many of the prompts included in the Write About This app ask students to explain their opinion about a variety of topics as well as provide a jumping off point for both fiction and non-fiction narratives.
  • Creative writing opportunities are also abound..with photos and prompts that will invite children to imagine and add unique details on everything from poetry & prose to lists & letters.

How Teachers Integrate Write About This

  • Students are given free writing time and find a prompt that inspires them. Celebrate the writing by emailing the teacher and parents the finished draft!
  • Student photographers are in charge of creating a custom photo prompt.
  • Teacher or students choose a prompt to display through a projector & the entire class responds in their Writer’s Notebooks.
  • Begin a prompt as a class discussion starter & then the teacher models writing strategies by creating a Write About.

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What Teachers Have to Say:

“I couldn’t get students to stop writing at the end of the day!”
– @RebeccaWildman, 4th Grade Teacher

“My students love it! They are even downloading and writing at home with family iPads!”
– @appleclassroom, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I downloaded your app yesterday and my 10 year old daughter is having a blast! In fact this morning, she chose creating a story over her TV time!”
– Tammy, parent & Special Education teacher

“I think folks should just skip free version and buy it. It belongs on every school iPad.”
– @Teamhanrahan62, Apple Distinguished Educator