Free vs Full

Write About This Free allows you to try out all of the functionality and features of the full version. The Full version does allow for a 50% discount when purchased through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.

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Free Version

WAT Free


  • Images: 1 per category
  • Prompts: 3 per category
  • Write Abouts: 1
  • Create Your Own: 1
  • Author Profiles: 1
  • Export to Camera Roll: Unlimited
  • Voice Recording: Unlimited
  • Searchable database: None


How do students save their work?

Easily! Written responses are saved by Author and Date in the My Write Abouts section of the app.

How can I collect student writing?

Your choice! The built-in share by email works for many teachers, but Write Abouts can also be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive or any other file storage tool by simply exporting them to the camera roll.

What if we use shared iPads?

Completely doable! Author Profiles allow students to quickly add their own face and/or name to a piece of writing. When students come back to work from that same device, they can continue to add to their portfolio of writing. Use Author Filtering to quickly sort between multiple students and customize a ‘share to’ email address for each profile if desired!

How can Write Abouts be shared?

Any way you’d like! Within the app you can share by email or export to the camera roll. Exported images or Write Abouts that are published with audio (.mp4) can be posted to blogs, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Can I send a prompt to my students?

Great idea! Right now the best way is to share the image with them using Dropbox or another file transfer app and then they create a Custom prompt with you. We are actively looking into making this easier within Write About This.

How can I use this if I only have 1 or a few iPads?

Lots of ways! Quickly pull up a prompt from the database and let kids respond in their notebooks…Bring in a photo of something from your lesson to do a whole-group reflection..Let students take turns using photos from the classroom and creating prompts. Find even more ideas on The Learning Hub blog!