People Behind Write About This

Our journey to put Write About This in the hands of kids began in 2012 with a few sketches in a notebook. Today, we are thrilled to partner with users across the world to provide exciting learning opportunities.

Brad Wilson

Creator | Michigan

From his elementary classroom teaching experience, Brad knows that getting kids excited to write starts with a spark of motivation. His biggest thrill is now seeing inspired student Write Abouts being created and shared around the world!

Bob Armbrister

Creator | Michigan

Bob is a new dad who loves to make things happen. He has worked as an entrepreneur and IT leader for 15 years and loves implementing features that improve the user experience.


Kids, Teachers & Parents

Writers | Classrooms & homes everywhere

Our team wouldn’t be complete without the incredible support from people like you. We listen to every bit of feedback and are constantly looking to improve. Together, we can inspire kids to write!