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Photo Prompts to Ignite Novel Discussion

Subject:  Language Arts Grade(s):  9th-12th grades Overview Students will complete a targeted novel discussion sparked by visual prompts with members of another class.  Throughout the unit, students share contributions to the discussion to help guide...
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Wonder Wednesday: What is Pi?

National Pi Day was this month (March 14th) and many schools are providing math related activities to get students involved in the celebration!  There’s no better time to get students wondering what the magic number “Pi” is all about…and...
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Updated Sharing Options For Student Work

Along with author profiles and filtering options, the updated Write About This app version 3.0 offers improvements in sharing student work.  These improvements help students, teachers and parents review student work and offer flexibility for publishing...
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Five Ways to Encourage Inquiry in the Elementary Science Classroom with Write About This

The fusion of mobile-technology and instruction can have a powerful impact on the strides students make with their learning in the science classroom. We are constantly trying to find ways to encourage curiosity of the world around them and to develop...
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New 3.0 Feature: Author Profiles

We are completely excited to roll out version 3.0 of the Write About This app!  Several of the changes and new features will enable teachers and students to have more customization.  The most drastic change to version 3.0 is the ability for users to...
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