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MS/HS Poetry Collaboration

Subject:  English/Language Arts Grades:  6-12 Creating sophisticated poetry can be an intimidating challenge for some at the middle at the high school levels.  Students may hit a complete road block when trying to get started on choosing a theme for...
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Wonder Wednesday: What is Rain?

Hopefully winter weather has finally left your neck of the woods, but oftentimes rain showers and indoor recess continue to dampen our days. Don’t let that get you down! This season brings the chance to watch storms from a window, play in a nice...
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Acrostic Poetry Using Visual Prompts

Subject:  Language Arts Grade(s):  3-8 In this lesson, students will use a visual prompt to write an acrostic poem.  They will practice using adjectives and descriptive phrases to illustrate meaning in their poems. Background Acrostic poetry is an...
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Found Poems in the iPad Classroom

Subject:  English/Language Arts Grades:  3-12 Words are all around us, but can you find words and put them together to make an interesting piece of poetry?  Whether you are teaching limericks, rhyme, haikus or free verse, students can stretch their...
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