Wonder Wednesday

Wonder Wednesday: Why Is Winning Important To Us?

Even though the Winter Olympics have ended, students may still have sports and competition on their mind. We’ve spent the last few weeks cheering for our favorite athletes, countries, and sports. Yet, why is winning so important? Why does losing feel...
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Wonder Wednesday: Why Are Snowflakes So Unique?

Whether you live on the east coast, west coast, or especially anywhere in between, you are familiar with the harsh winter we have all been experiencing. Temperatures have dropped at record lows where most of us live. The term polar vortex is a regular...
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Wonder Wednesday: What is Love?

One of the greatest gifts of teaching is being able to inspire, ignite, and satisfy the curiosities of our students. We are always striving to instill the need to ask questions, craft them well, and seek to find the answers. We will be offering Wonder...
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