wonder wednesday

Wonder Wednesday: Why Do Flowers Bloom in the Spring?

Could there really be warm weather on the horizon?  At least the calendar says so!  One of the perks of the month of March is experiencing the first day of spring.  If you are lucky, greenery and flowers are starting to bloom.  So why is there a surge...
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Wonder Wednesday: Why are Four-Leaf Clovers Considered Lucky?

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, students are probably all abuzz about wearing green, avoiding being pinched, and finding a lucky four-leaf clover! Shamrocks will adorn school classrooms, hallways, and clothing.  So why are these leafy finds...
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Wonder Wednesday: Why Is Mardi Gras So Colorful?

March 4th marks the beginning of Mardi Gras, a feasting celebration of In New Orleans, LA.  Thousands travel from all over to celebrate through parties, parades, eating, dancing, music, and more.  Students will use this Write About This visual prompt...
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