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10 Ways to Use Write About This for Classroom Writing

  1. Students are given free writing time and find a prompt that inspires them. Celebrate the writing by emailing the teacher and parents the finished draft!
  2. Student photographers are in charge of creating a custom photo prompt once a week.
  3. Teacher or students choose a prompt to display through a projector & the entire class responds in their Writer’s Notebooks.
  4. Begin a prompt as a class discussion starter & then the teacher models writing strategies by creating a Write About.
  5. Small groups or partners work at a center or station to write within the app or in their notebooks.
  6. Celebrate Poetry Month with picture-inspired poems!
  7. Students reflect on a picture from a science experiment by creating a custom prompt and Write About.
  8. Teachers can reference the prompts for “quick writes” during a transition after recess or lunch.
  9. Students chose a prompt to help them start a process writing piece and publish their final draft as a Write About.
  10. Take photos during a field trip or assembly and email student reflections to parents, the principal or the content providers!

How are you using Write About This in your classroom? We’d love to add your ideas and feature your students’ writing! Share the inspiration by contacting us today! info [at] writeaboutapp .com

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