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Five Earth Day Writing Activities

With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, classrooms across the country are abuzz with preparation and activity in learning about environmental awareness.  This is an opportune time to get students interested in saving the environment as well as collectively acting to make change on resolving environmental issues.

Here are five ways to get students engaged in environmental education using the Write About This app.

  1. Environmental Photo Walk:  Take a photo walk and capture an image of something that is damaging the environment.  Have students write about ways someone their age and their families can work to prevent or resolve the issue.
  2. Our Beautiful World:  Find an image in the Write About This app gallery that shows something we need to protect in the environment.  Research and respond to why it needs to be preserved and protected.
  3. Environmental Awareness Commercial:  Have students take a photo of themselves participating in an Eco-conscious activity.  Write the content of a commercial explaining what everyone can do to save the planet.  They can then use the audio feature of the app to record a “radio commercial” to share with others.
  4. Encyclopedia of Eco-friendly Products:  Have students bring in and/or take a picture of an Eco-friendly product they find or use in their homes.  Have them research how the product helps in preserving the Earth and complete an “encyclopedia entry” describing the product and it’s benefits.  The entries can be shared via email and the teacher can compile them for a class resource.

Letter to the Editor

5.  Letter To The Editor:  Have students take a picture or find a picture of a local environmental concern or issue.  Provide class time to complete research on the issue, including consequences and ways the community can help to resolve it.  They can then write a “letter to the editor” explaining the need for citizens to be called to action.


No matter what Earth Day writing project your students embark on, consider sharing their Write Abouts with an audience outside your classroom so that their voices can be heard! They are the future leaders who will ensure our natural resources are protected in the decades to come.

Lani deGuia is a teacher, instructional technologist, and social media manager.  She has over 13 years of educational experience in traditional and online classroom settings for both K-12 and adult learners. She currently works in digital content and strategy for businesses and personally blogs at Rose Tinted Traveler.

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