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Let Your Imagination Lead Your Fingertips!

BY: Angela Moses

Students often say, “I’m just not a good writer” or “I just don’t know what to write.” They will sit and stare at a blank sheet of paper as if the words will suddenly appear.  Sometimes they need a little inspiration to get their pencil moving…or shall I say their “fingertips” when it applies to Write About This. Some complain that students are getting away from handwritten work and that they just use devices all the time.  I feel, however, that it does not matter what platform a student uses to spark creativity in their writing… that it’s the final outcome that matters. If we can find what drives a student to write from within, use it! I have found that with Write About This.  I no longer have blank stares, complaints about writing, or the question about how long the paper has to be. What I do have is excitement for writing. Can my students still write on paper? Yes!! Write About This has enhanced my students’ writing skills!  It is fostering a love for writing in my students that will last forever.

2nd Graders write letters


Our first project was very simple and the app is very easy for students to use for the first time.   We started with writing about baking cookies. They had an image of a cookie to help visualize the process and the students were engaged and learning during the lesson.  We then collaborated on a project with a few classes around the world. They re-told the Grinch story from his point of view.  We used Write About This to send “The Grinch” a letter. Let me just say…awesome! The thought that “The Grinch” might read their letters, was driving some amazing questions! Inferencing and predictions were popping like lightning across my classroom! The lesson became meaningful to the students.



“How to make PB&J Sandwich” was our next project. We had so much fun thinking of the process of how to make the sandwich.  They would laugh when they realized the steps that were left out! The students searched and found images of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to insert in their project.  I had them close their eyes and visualize the steps of making the sandwich.  When they started writing, it was so quiet in my room. You know what amazes me each time we use Write About This? I get to see imagination at work!

2nd graders write on the ipads


My students are collaborating, communicating, and learning while using Write About This.  We write the stories of our lives.  It makes me happy that I can show students the importance of writing.  It is a powerful tool- we can reflect, share with others, and leave our mark with our words! I also love being able to share my students’ work with parents and they love to see their child’s writing…it’s a great feature! My kids are an inspiration and it shows in their writing. They are becoming better writers each day!  I’m thankful for this wonderful app that has sparked creativity within my students and I could not imagine my classroom without Write About This!

Anglea Moses (@AngelaKMoses) is a wife, mom, 2nd grade teacher, tech enthusiast, connected educator & accomplished brownie baker!  She has a passion for teaching & loves unexpected teachable moments!  Check out her blog at

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