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5 ways To Practice Oral Communication in World Languages

Oral communication skills have always been an important component in instruction of World Languages.  With the increase of standardized assessments in language courses across the nation, spoken communication is even more critical.  Students need to feel comfortable in speaking a second language as part of their mastery of it.  They need to be able to draw original ideas and articulate their thoughts naturally.  Integrating mobile technology with the Write About This app can help students with application of these skills.

Here are five ways you get help students to practice oral communication in World Language instruction:

Describe the Image

Students can choose an image from the Write About This app and describe anything and everything they see happening in the picture. This can be done orally to a partner, directly to the teacher, or recorded in the app using the audio feature.

Answer the Prompt

Students can find an image that they like and choose a text prompt to respond to orally.  Again, this can be recited to a partner, the teacher, or recorded in the app.  To add more complexity to the activity, the teacher can ask the student additional questions regarding the prompt or the response in order to practice dialogue.

Introduce Myself Activity

Especially at the beginning of a course, it’s a great idea to have students introduce themselves to the class.  It’s also a great way to assess what language skills the student possesses.  Students can take a picture of themselves and share their background, likes, dislikes, and other basic information orally.


Pronunciation and articulation are also important events to spoken language.  Students can choose an image prompt and respond in writing.  They can then record their oral recitation of their written response for the teacher to assess composition and speaking skills.



Journalist Reporting

Students can take a photo of an event, location, or issue in the school using the iPad.  They can then write out a news report of what is happening.  After writing, revising, and finalizing.  Students can present this report to the class to share the latest “news” of the school.

NEW Quick Write Interface: Perfect for “iPad Reporting”!

Quick Write InterfaceWith Quick Write now available, students do not need to be filtered through a “prompt” to get started! Just snap a photo and start writing!


These are only five of many other ways you can integrate mobile writing while practicing oral communication.  The more chances students are provided to practice, the more comfortable they will become…and we believe that when the experience is customized and digitized that students will be more engaged!

Lani deGuia is a teacher, instructional technologist, and social media manager.  She has over 13 years of educational experience in traditional and online classroom settings for both K-12 and adult learners. She currently works in digital content and strategy for businesses and personally blogs at Rose Tinted Traveler.

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